"If there’s one reason why I continue listening to and reviewing music it is because every now and then I stumble upon a body of work that touches me at the core and makes me connect with something within myself that nothing else can. It takes special music to do that to me, and this my friends is special music." – Quincy Tejani, co-founder of The Violet Wave

“Picking the ol’ jaw up off the ground’ kind of outstanding… If I was to make a comparison, it would be something akin to like…Queen, Mimicking Birds, Radiohead and Led Zeppelin all had a beautiful love-child…and thy name would be Jordan Paul.” – Jer, music journalist at Sleeping Bag Studios

"Canada's Jeff Buckley... one of the best singers I've ever heard." – Chris Birkett, 3-time Grammy Award winning producer (Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads, Quincy Jones)


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